Phil as writer:

An A-Z Introduction to Ethiconomics

“I think it is a splendid piece of work and deserves high praise not just because of the way it is written but also because it tackles an old subject in a fresh way. All too often the moral case goes by the board but it may well be that you have started a new way of approaching the dry subject of economics.”

Rt Hon. Lord Ashley of Stoke, House of Lords

“What’s so brilliant about (this) pot pourri of business wisdom is the work Phil has done in collating so much knowledge in such an easily digestible format. It saves you buying at least 20 other books. If you did nothing else than read one letter per week, in half a year, your world and business will be transformed.”

Tom Evans, The Bookwright

“Phil is friendly, reliable and a pleasure to be around, he has a down to earth and knowledgeable approach and sound values” May 17, 2011

Louise Botwright, Managing Director, Jump start

“Phil is an enthusiastic and focused individual. Phil’s tenacity and attention to detail is exemplary in all projects he approaches. “Ethiconomics”, is an example of Phil’s dedicated hardwork, along with his strong values and life experiences. Phil lives by what he writes, very insightful. I wish you continued success!” May 30, 2011

Christina Demetriou, Sales Manager, MBS Computers & Business Systems Ltd

“Phil is one of a kind. He lives and breathes Authenticity and is a true advocate of Ethics in Business and how the two can easily and should easily coincide. I highly recommend his book Ethiconomics: Principles and Practices of Ethical Business for the 21st Century. Phil is also an excellent public speaker and trainer for SME’s and corporate clients.” May 16, 2011

Susan Allen, Solicitor, Joseph Frasier Solicitors

Phil as coach:

“Phil is highly commercially minded and has a distinct ability to take creative ideas and make them work in a commercial context. He is a man of strong integrity and ethics, and is tuned in to current trends and issues in the marketplace, always thinking of ways in which to capitalise on them. A talented creative writer, Phil is someone who I hope to work with again in the future.” October 12, 2010

Zoe Hanks, Founder & Managing Director, Grassroots Ideas Ltd

“Phil has guided me through his workshop, this has enabled me to see where and how to grow my business. He has also been a pleasure to work with through The3rdi magazine where he is Business Director and Editor.” June 2, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Sally Inkster, Owner, Diva Dressing

“If there is something Phil doesn’t know about business then I’ve yet to find it! With 20 years blue-chip corporate experience – genuine blue chip! – if you need any business advice I recommend you talk to Phil first!” March 4, 2010

Karen Birch, Managing Director, the3rdi Magazine

“Phil is a person of huge imagination and creativity, while maintaining a shrewd business head and commercial ability. He brings passion, ideas and originality to a team, and I have been very lucky to have benefited from his input and insight on several occasions. If you have the opportunity to work with Phil, I strongly recommend you take full advantage of his talents, and enjoy the energy and fun he brings to the workplace.” October 11, 2010

Catherine Pickup, MD and owner, Innovista Ltd

Phil as leader:

“I first met Phil when I was selling Siebel’s suite of CRM solutions and Siemens was one of my target accounts. Phil was heavily involved in the strategic sales efforts for Siemens at the time and I approached him on the basis that I could help him and his team improve sales performance and management reporting. Rather than the typical salesman/customer adversarial relationship, we soon developed an open and collaborative approach to improving Siemens’ performance. Phil even sponsored my sales pitch to a group of regional sales directors and it was the way he set the scene and introduced me that paved the way to a successful presentation/demo and ultimately a significant piece of business. We recently reconnected and discussed his approach to ethical business. I’m a fan of Phil’s work and look forward to all his new publications.
Avesh Nandhra” May 18, 2011

Avesh Nandhra, District Manager, Siebel Systems

“Phil is a highly motivated, creative professional with extremely strong commercial knowledge and experience. He has the ability to understand the complexities of corporate business as well as an eye for detail. Phil is always prepared to question the standards and norms of business operations. A creative, “blue-sky” thinker with strong levels of fairness, goal-orientation and a man able to communicate at all levels.”” May 30, 2011

Oliver Stich, Director of Finance and Business Administration, Siemens Enterprise Communications

“Phil has a naturally engaging and inspiring leadership style; is people and results focussed and has a determination and desire to ‘do the right things’. A great colleague to work alongside and be part of the same team with.” July 5, 2010

Paul Hodgkins, National Sales Support Manager

“I worked with Phil some years ago when I was with Siemens and Phil headed up the commercial team. Unlike most accounts departments within a sales business who are generally the ‘sales prevention team’, Phil and his team always looked at every way they could to support a deal and get it through. He always thinks outside the box and would always be a credit to any commercial team!” June 11, 2010

Dave Perkins, Account Manager

“It was relatively early in my career that I worked in a new team Phil built and led through some challenging times. Take-away memories from this period that continue to inspire are his ability to drive forwards regardless of obstacle, his ability to question the status quo, and channel thought to drive creative solutions. That said, Phil never forgot common sense business basics to underpin his visions and always steered his team with those principles at the fore. His traits of honesty and integrity were also very evident in his approach to team management, the end result being a closely-bonded, open team, always supportive of one another. Happy memories and great building blocks for the future – thanks Phil !!” June 11, 2010

Mark Sands, Commercial Manager

“Phil Birch recruited me into the IT industry at Siemens in 1995 (despite a complete lack of experience in this field on my part) and we worked together for 4 years. This opportunity, with Phil’s coaching, has proved to be highly valuable for me personally. Phil always gave individuals credit where due and it was down to his sponsorship that I was elected one of Siemens’ top 100 employees worldwide in 1998. Phil ran his department with an energy, enthusiasm and focus on personal responsibility which resulted in team members taking ownership of issues and enabled personal development.

Neil Moulton, Sales Director

“I worked closely with Phil at Siemens Communications for a number of years. He was always professional in his approach, even in times of great pressure, and was a credit to his profession. He led by example and became a mentor to many. He was creative, hard working and an inspiration to others. Phil was also great fun to be around and did everything with a smile on his face. I look back very fondly at our times together and feel very proud of what we achieved in very difficult circumstances” June 3, 2010

Nick Hill, Commercial Manager

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