Ethiconomics is a ground breaking new system of thinking and doing which will change the way the world does business.

Developed by social entrepreneur Phil Birch it will revolutionise the way you think about your work, your self , your community and your planet.

This is what Phil has to say about Ethiconomics:

“A global economic downturn and a UK credit crunch prevail. The Government is announcing more spending cuts daily and figures for growth are being revised downwards month on month and we have expenses’ scandals amongst our elected officials and British tax payers are bailing out greedy and self-obsessed bankers.

For myself, I have worked for almost 20 years in a corporate environment in senior roles – in heavy engineering and telecommunications. I have also been an independent business mentor, consultant and coach. I implemented significant change programs into extremely complex corporate enterprises and helped sole traders create practical business plans, to enable their unique visions and enthusiasm to become reality.

I have always had faith in two things: the inextinguishable spirit of the entrepreneur and an always present personal discipline of honesty and integrity.

In Ethiconomics I incorporate personal development practices into business strategy and operations.

Why? Well essentially because I do not see these activities as different. I do not see the traditional split between work and life as opposing forces that have to be balanced, but more simply as different environments in which we operate.

Why should we be different when we are at work?

Why should we allow business to make us compromise our personal values?

I totally understand that the people, requirements, and environment are invariably different and that this may well require us to display different talents, different facets of our self, but not our true self.

Business can be cut-throat. Business can be challenging. Business can competitive, but business does not have to be manipulative, disrespectful and unethical.

I hope to introduce you to some personal principles that have helped me, and many others, to succeed in all areas of their life without having to sacrifice their standards. I have also introduced key business practices. These practices are proven and universal (as are the principles).

Ethiconomics is intended as a catalyst, a catalyst for you to think about your work/life integration in a new way – “ethiconomically”. I hope to show you that personal principles can be (and should be) integrated into your business life and activities, without the need for massive personal upheaval or conflict.

Ethical business is as easy as unethical business. In fact, it is easier because you operate with consistency and integrity and build trust far more readily, when you are being true to yourself and your principles.

I hope that you are inspired to be an ethical entrepreneur; one of a growing breed of committed, enlightened “Ethiconomists”.

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