To help you live your life and run your business more Ethiconomically we have developed a range of products to support your growth.

Integrating Ethiconomics into an innovative, unique, business strategy model for independent entrepreneurs and SME businesses that incorporates the client’s own vision and values.
From defining your mission to the creation of specific actions, the MOST model is proven to deliver.

The main focus of  ETHICONOMICS, the book, is to show you how you can integrate personal techniques into business practice. It also shows you how to act with Authenticity whilst exploring other topics like Ethics, Ego, Humanity and Leadership. Other subjects also covered are Influence, USP, Networking and Affluence to name a few.

Astound the World in 80 Days   is about YOU
Not anyone else, not your peers, colleagues, family or friends. It is about getting the most from you. You have your own skills, feelings, thoughts and needs.

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