Personal and Collective Responsibility

In Ethiconomics responsibility is paramount. As individuals, in our role as consumers and as workers, we make decisions every minute of every day. We are responsible for those decisions and actions. We accept that we cannot be responsible for all the eventual outcomes of these decisions and actions but we do have responsibility for the cause if not the effect.

Ethiconomics believes that companies have a duty of care to their employees, whether expressed or implied. Individuals have a responsibility to perform; to do what they are paid for to the best of their abilities. If a machine is not working effectively and efficiently then it should be upgraded or replaced. As human assets, we should expect the same (within the ethical framework of the law).

CSR is still under-valued, under-calculated and under-delivered. We agree that there are some wonderful projects and examples of progress but generally CSR is still a lip-service policy or marketing spin.

In Ethiconomical terms, sustainability is NOT just about “green” issues. The environment and ecological thinking are critical to calculating the true and complete impact of a business.

But we need to go further.

Ethiconomics is about innovative business models; models that include ALL of the causes and effects of the business stakeholders. We believe in calculating the true cost and profit of a business with respect to it’s stakeholders. Whether via innovative business models, social return on investment, formal responsibilities of directors, staff welfare and development  policies or genuine environmental impact calculations, we are working to  make responsibility accurate, fair and meaningful.

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