Ethiconomics ™ is a stakeholder methodology for  sustainable business, relationships and personal fulfilment.

(ethik’ə nämiks) noun:

– a system of values-based practices for ethical business in the global economy.

Current business practice has lead to virtual economic meltdown fuelled by corporate irresponsibility, non-accountability and a lack of moral values.

This must change; Ethiconomics™ is this change…

How?  By showing you:

• that you can make your values valuable

• that these values can be integrated directly into your business strategy and operations

• that these values are your u-s-p

• that business must think beyond simple profits

• that sustainable business needs to satisfy all stakeholders


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  1. Mustapha Koriba says:

    Great stuff. I do a lot of mentoring on a charitable basis and I encourage people to re-connect with themselves. It has taken me a life time to do so

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