Co-operation AND Competition

Competition is at the heart of any supply and demand economy.

Competition and choice fuels the engine of the market/consumer economy. And so it should.

Ethiconomics, however, also promotes collaborative and co-operative business.  The traditional business models and contractual relationships are changing and in some areas, such as software sharing, present challenges to the old regime.

Traditionally these “old” models are based on ownership in it’s general sense but increasingly the sharing of resources and knowledge for no immediate or obvious return across continents and cultures will develop and change the face of business for good.

There are collaborative projects being created in all areas of commerce. These may well be for a specific cause or to present a united front for several smaller concerns that have agreed to collaborate for a specific goal.

Business models are changing in the real world and the legal framework is just catching up.

Co-operative business models too are on the increase. These models promote the democratic ownership of the business by all of its stakeholders, typically its employees and customers.  Rewards are shared between all of the parties involved in the venture and not just the lucky few, e.g. the shareholders.

Ethiconomics is working with several groups to develop innovative and novel business models that expand democracy in business and commerce but you too can review your own company structure and formally engage more stakeholders. Think about the power of true collaboration and how you can combine skills and resources outside of the traditional business models.

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