Ethiconomics – The Book


“Ethiconomics” is your complete A-Z guide to an improved, sustainable life leading to rewarding business relationships and personal fulfilment.

Through the world’s economic meltdown there is an ever greater need for personal development.  Ethiconomics’ is this change.  It’s an easy to read, reference book covering multiple topics in short punchy thought provoking paragraphs that anyone at any level can relate to.

The main focus is to show you how you can integrate personal techniques into business practice.  It also shows you how to act with Authenticity whilst exploring other topics like Ethics, Ego, Humanity and Leadership.  Other subjects also covered are Influence, USP, Networking and Affluence to name a few.

The book’s aim is to help you in your current position whether employed, self-employed, entrepreneur, SME as well as larger companies through your own analysis of your approach, choices and actions in business.

Ethiconomics will illustrate and inspire you to change your business, your work and possibly your life.

“We can do business authentically and without compromising core values.” says Author Philip A. Birch.

Ethiconomics is available from Amazon and Waterstones. Click on the image to buy direct from Amazon

Ethiconomics will be available on Kindle soon.

An A-Z Introduction to Ethiconomics by Philip A Birch

ISBN-13: 978-1906954253


“What’s so brilliant about Phil Birch’s pot pourri of business wisdom is the work he has done in collating so much knowledge in such an easily digestible format. It saves you buying at least 20 other books. If you did nothing else than read one letter per week, in half a year, your world and business will be transformed.”
Tom Evans, author of Flavours of Thought

“A splendid piece of work and deserves high praise not just because of the way it is written,
but also because it tackles an old subject in a fresh way. All too often the moral case goes by the board but it may well be that Birch has started a new way of approaching the dry subject of economics.”
Lord Ashley of Stoke

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