Influence Up

We all influence, and are influenced by, other people every day. We may not know it, or even choose to, but we do and are. Whether your colleagues, family, friends, community, passing strangers or fellow motorists, we all exert some influence on the feelings and actions of others.

This influence applies for “bad” as well as “good.

We can now access millions of people instantly.  Using today’s online tools we can directly connect with followers, like-minded people, influencers, decision makers, and more. Many and most social media and business network sites are testament to this phenomenon.

In essence though the tendency is still towards quantity over quality.

We accept the value of the online guru. We promote the principle of ethical and authentic connections (on and off line) and promote the more challenging approach of Influencing Up.

The concept is simple; as well as influencing your followers and peers, actively try to find ways to connect with  those individuals who have greater influence than you;  the system builders, the true architects of change, the pioneers, the visionaries and the innovators. This may be your superior at work, the local council executives, your MP, there are many options. Influencing up  may take longer but will ultimately deliver more effective change.

Big influence from a big name can return more influence for less effort – so if you are NOT already a big influencer, find one that shares your values and ethics.  An better still, work at becoming a big influencer yourself.

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