Phil is an entrepreneur and original thinker on business issues and has huge experience within the corporate environment.

His roles include Senior Commercial management of a £150M business division, Business Manager for corporate transformation programs, Financial Controller, Financial Director, independent business consultant and coach, owner of several private business enterprises, writer and mentor.

A natural and inspirational leader with an exceptional track record, he possesses the ability to analyse complex business issues and to deliver strategic and operational solutions. Phil is a creative and innovative thinker with the ability to understand the detail. He has a high personal energy and integrity and is an accomplished communicator at all levels.

A genuine social entrepreneur as co-founder and Director of a bone fide co-operative IPS company; the 3rdi magazine and founder of the revolutionary global business system, EthiconomicsTM. Phil’s first book, “An A-Z Introduction to Ethiconomics” was published in April 2011.

Business articles and blogs
Phil writes monthly business advice and opinion pieces, which appear under the name of Ethiconomics, in the 3rdi magazine He also writes regular pieces on business ethics, values and personal development at where you can find more information on Phil’s projects and services as well as Phil’s many testimonials and endorsements and contact details.

You can connect with Phil on LinkedIn as Phil Birch
Connect on twitter as @ethiconomics and @BirchBusinessIQ

For further information about Phil as an author, contact Murielle at Live It publishing;

You can view a complete biography of on Phil’s website

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