How inequality harms societies.

A very interesting TED talk by Richard Wilkinson.

He displays that societies tend to compare their “wealth” relative to others within the same society and within those countries with the largets gaps between “rich” and “poor” do the lowest levels of well-being and satisfaction exist.
He also details the harm and detrimental effects that this can yield and that these harms have a very close correlation to values like trust and respect.
Very much woth a look.

Enjoy and comments please.

Welcome to Ethiconomics

Welcome to Ethiconomics

Ethiconomics ™ is your complete guide to an improved, rewarding life leading to sustainable business relationships and personal fulfilment.

(ethik’ə nämiks) noun:

– a system of practices and personal values for ethical business in the global economy.

Current business practice has lead to virtual economic meltdown fuelled by corporate irresponsibility, non-accountability and a lack of moral values.

This must change; Ethiconomics™ is this change…

Ethiconomics ™ is your complete guide to an improved, sustainable life leading to rewarding business relationships and personal fulfilment.

How?  By showing you:

• that you CAN live and work with your authentic values

• that you CAN incorporate your own personal values into your working life

• that business MUST think beyond simple profits

• that you CAN change your work, family and community for the better.