Learning to think, be and do differently

Learning is not just about discovering new things about the outside world. It is also about learning new things about yourself. It is about learning to think, to be and to do things differently.

We live in difficult times but just how we let these times affect us, for good or ill, is in many ways down to us. If we don’t like something we can change it and if we cannot change it directly then we can certainly change the way that we think about it. As Gandhi so famously said, we each need to be the change we want to see in the world.

Phil Birch, author of the groundbreaking book Ethiconomics and Business Editor at the3rdimagazine, has designed a unique personal development programme which will transform the way that you think and act. Called “Astound The World in 80 days” the eBook takes you, one topic at a time over 80 days, from Authenticity to Seizing The Day, so that you can seize every day and greet each dawn as a fresh, new, exciting challenge.

How we feel about ourselves is critical to how we interact, behave and communicate with others. This book is not intended for deep personal psycho-analysis so you can take a deep sigh of relief there, but it IS about you. It is about how you think, how you feel, how you integrate and communicate your ‘self’ with other sentient beings.

We cannot be in control of all that we see. We cannot, nor should we wish to, be in control of others. We CAN be in control of our self. We can be the cause of our actions and reactions and THIS is the key to change and growth and, dare I say it, a better, more peaceful and fulfilling life.

If you are tired of the way that things are for you at the moment then this book will guide you to other, more rewarding and fulfilling practices.

In keeping with Phil’s ethos, the book is available on a honours system.

As Phil explains, “Many elements of the program are based upon fairness, equity and my faith in human nature, so payment by honour system is the right way, I feel, for me to demonstrate my belief in these principles and my faith in you, the reader.”

You may decide that you have received £1 worth of value and pay no more.
You may decide to pay the recommended retail price of the book (£7.99).
You may decide that the program is worth much more to you than that, and decide to pay more.
You may decide to pay nothing at all.This decision is yours and yours alone.

So go ahead and DOWNLOAD the eBook for FREE and pay as little or as much as you wish whenever you wish.

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